Hidden Gems in Richmond Indiana

Looking for things to do in Richmond?
Posted by Alec Bell on May 26, 2021 in  uncategorized
Richmond, Indiana is a small city of about 40,000 people in east-central Indiana. It is regarded as the “Gateway of East Central Indiana” due to its proximity to two major metropolitan areas in the neighboring state of Ohio (Dayton and Cincinnati). Though it may seem like a slower-moving town, Richmond has a very lively and active community thanks largely to the following areas and things to do! -The Depot District: One of the more recent “up and coming” areas of Richmond, you can find anyth... read more

Springfield Hidden Gems You Must Check Out

Posted by Malinda McNutt on May 23, 2021 in  uncategorized
Looking for your next adventure? It might just be under your nose! Here's our list of Springfields' hidden gems: Springfield Museum of Art If you're interested in fine art and local artists, you will want to check out the Springfield Museum of Art. Situated in beautiful Cliff Park along Buck Creek, Springfield Museum of Art offers various exhibits featuring artwork from both established and emerging artists, including significant work by Ohio and self-taught artists. Visitors have the opportunity to explore a wid... read more
Summer is just around the corner! Do you know what that means?  It means that it is time for you to dust the cobwebs off of your grill and get your backyard ready for summer cookouts! What better way to spend your summer than to be surrounded by family and friends as you showcase your grilling skills! However, is your outdoor space in needs of some updates this year? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.Check out these ideas to take your outdoor space to the next level. Prep Zone Nothing is wors... read more

Cincinnati Hidden Gems You Must Check Out

Posted by Amanda Martin on May 17, 2021 in  uncategorized
What do you think about when you hear Cincinnati? Everyone knows The Reds, The Bengals, and of course, chili dogs. However, that’s only scratching the surface. At one point Cincinnati claimed the title “The Queen of the West”, so it should be no surprise that this city has more than a few hidden gems strewn about. Below are just a few of the things you might have missed the last time you visited ‘Cincy.’   American Sign Museum This beautiful museum beckons you in with glowing neon... read more

Dayton Hidden Gems You Must Check Out

Posted by Malinda McNutt on May 10, 2021 in  uncategorized
Whether you’re visiting or you live here - from history, to culture, to helping to grow the community - these companies and organizations get our pick as Gems in the local Dayton area. High-Street Gallery Looking for artwork from local vendors? The High Street Gallery is a must-see! Located in a historic Victorian House was turned into a gallery in the late 1960's. The DSA has served area artists since 1938 and continues to fulfill its mission of supporting, connecting and educating artists and the community... read more
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