Did I Leave the Light On?

6 Reasons Why Smart Homes Equal Smart Savings
Posted: November 08, 2018 by Marissa McCormick

Did I leave the light on?  Did I remember to lock the door?  With a smart home, you never have to wonder if you have left something on or running.  There are many cool gadgets and smart home features that can save you money and anxiety.  Check out these 6 reasons why a smart home is a smart investment.

  1. Energy Efficient Lights- LED bulbs last a long time.  In fact, they last an amazing 25,000 hours, which is crazy compared to an incandescent bulb which only lasts around 1,000 hours. According to the US Department of Energy, a 60-watt equivalent LED bulb uses 75-80% less energy than a 60-watt incandescent bulb.  Over time you spend more on an incandescent bulb in electricity than you do on the bulb itself. Not only do LED bulbs burn longer and take less electricity, but they also run cooler than incandescent bulbs. A house full of hotter light bulbs could mean a higher cost of cooling the home.
  2. Energy Efficient Thermostats- Smart thermostats can save you money by offering recommendations on when to cut back on heating and cooling.  On some thermostats, you can even set temperatures to automatically shift to when you are home or not or a set schedule. This could help you save money on utility bills by not heating or cooling an empty home all day.  Many some energy companies even offer rebates & discounts for customers who choose to go with a smart thermostat.
  3. Remote Power Management- “Did I leave the bathroom light on?”  You will never have to ask yourself that again with smart plugins.  These can remotely turn on or off any of your outlets effectively stopping misuse of power.  Not only does it save money on bills but it can also be a huge safety benefit. Think about curling irons, lava lamps, heating blankets, or space heaters.  The fire hazard risk of the electric world can be minimized by making sure the devices are turned off when you’re not around, and by also checking the energy output to see if it’s working properly.
  4. Energy Cost Monitoring- Smart plugs can also give you a rough estimate of device power consumption.  This means you can see what is using your power and how much power it consistently uses.
  5. Less Expensive Security Solutions- Home security is important and unfortunately it can be expensive.  There are tons of smart home security features that are cheaper and more convenient than going through a major company plan.  You can now remotely monitor with security cameras and lock your house from anywhere with the internet.
  6. Homeowner Insurance- Smart homes are generally safer and because of this, some insurance companies will offer up to 5% in discounts to people who use smart devices or systems in their homes.

Whether you want to save money or have peace of mind, having smart features in your home is a smart move. In fact, it’s such a smart move insurance companies are willing to discount their prices for people that have embraced the world of tech.  Start saving now and smarten up your home.


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