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Using Holiday Decorations to Sell Your Home

Deck the halls and sell your home before the new year!
Posted: November 27, 2018 by Erin Wood

If your home is for sale or you’re ready to list, you’re most likely familiar with the basic principals of home staging. But when it comes to listing your home during the holiday season, it’s not always so simple. Unless you’re a total Scrooge, you’ve probably been tempted to pull out your holiday decorations and deck the halls, but will personalizing your home in this way REALLY lessen your home’s chances of selling?

You’re in luck! Decorating your home for the holidays does not have to prevent you from selling – in fact, it may even help! Check out our tips for using holiday décor to help sell your home below:


Work with your current decor

While the “less is more” mantra of home staging definitely holds some truth, that shouldn’t prevent you from putting up a few tasteful decorations, but try to accommodate the room’s current décor and color scheme. If your living room is normally decorated in relaxing blues, don’t deck the room with your crimson and lime green holiday décor. Instead, opt for simple white and silver pieces.

Don’t go overboard

Don’t untangle the lights and break out the tinsel just yet. Remember that while your usual trimmings are incredibly festive in your eyes, one man’s “merry” is another man’s “tacky” So this year, skip the hand painted ornaments from the grandkids and the inflatable snowman. Too many decorations will distract potential buyers and possibly turn them away. Keep things simple and timeless.

Consider skipping the tree

This one is a judgment call, but if you feel the Christmas tree in any way makes the room appear smaller or cramped, go without. You won’t miss sweeping up pine needles every day, anyway.

Hide the presents

One area of décor you definitely want to put away is a pile of presents for your family and friends. The last thing you want is a stranger touring your home and walking away with a gift. To keep them safe, lock your presents in the trunk of your car, especially during open houses.

Be wary of the scents

In an effort to create a cozy atmosphere many sellers can overdo the scented air fresheners, candles, or fabric sprays. Yankee Candle may have their newest holiday scents for sale, but save them for next year. Overpowering scents can drive away potential buyers. Instead, make sure the home is thoroughly clean and open the windows periodically to let fresh air circulate. You can use subtle techniques to delight the senses and put buyers in a festive mood, like baking cookies before an open house.


The most important tip when it comes to using holiday decorations to sell your home is to always keep your home showing ready. Every morning when you leave the house, you should be prepared for a buyer to see it. If you keep things clean and clutter-free your home will surely impress, with or without decorations. 

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