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How Much Can I Save In Taxes?

Calculate Your After-Tax Interest Rate
Posted: July 28, 2020 by Erin Wood

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The after-tax interest rate is the interest rate on a loan after you deduct tax expense. By calculating this rate, you can estimate the yearly tax savings on a mortgage loan.


When purchasing a home, closing costs are generally not tax-deductible. However, charges for a specific interest rate may be amortized over the term of the loan if you are refinancing. And if you are purchasing a new home, these charges may even be fully deductible.


Assuming no other changing factors, tax savings on a mortgage loan increase at higher income tax rates. This is because mortgage interest is generally tax-deductible, which would reduce the after-tax interest rate. For example, if your loan rate is 6% and your income tax rate is 25%, your after-tax interest rate is 4.5%.


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