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Tips for Moving During a Pandemic

Posted: July 29, 2020 by Alysia Bauer

Moving is no easy task, and when you add in a global pandemic, it becomes even more of a challenge. If you are planning on moving during the pandemic, follow the tips below to help ensure you have a safe move.

If you or anyone in your family is a high risk candidate or has been feeling ill, the best thing you can do is postpone your move if at all possible. Your health and safety is far more important than moving if it can be pushed back.
Skip packing your cleaning supplies so they are readily available. Leave the soap, disinfectant wipes and other cleaning supplies unpacked and make sure you have running water so you and whoever is helping you move have access to sanitize.

When it comes time to pack for the move, be sure to avoid recycled boxes from other sources. Stick to using boxes you already have available or purchase new ones as the virus can live on surfaces like cardboard. In addition, make sure you wipe down any furniture, boxes and other items before loading them to be transported.
Practice social distancing while making the move. If you have friends and family helping, try to consistently utilize the same select group to reduce the amount of potential exposure. If using a moving company, try limiting the amount of people in the home during that time. The less people in the home, the better.
If you are planning on using a moving company, be sure to find one that will commit to a safe move for both you and the movers. Ask about their policies during the pandemic regarding postponing or cancelling, and ask how they are taking precautions with employees and equipment. How are they monitoring the health of their employees on a daily basis? Are they cleaning the truck and equipment before and after each move? Are movers required to wear masks and sanitize regularly.
In addition, ask if the moving company offers virtual paperwork you can complete. This will eliminate passing around paper and a pen from one person to another. In addition, ask about tipping your movers using a card or Venmo to reduce any cash exchange.

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