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Top 4 Outdoor Living Trends of 2019

What we're seeing and loving this summer
Posted: June 19, 2019 by Rachel Ennis

1.  One of our favorite things about summer is being outside (if it would ever stop raining long enough - ha!). Here are the Top 4 trends we're seeing and loving for your outdoor spaces this year:

Create a staycation spot.

a.  Set up a weatherproof speaker system.

b.  Have a fire feature.

c.   Add lighting.

d.  Install an outdoor kitchen if you enjoy cooking.

2.  2. Make backyard focal point structures.

a.  Build your own green house or shed.

b.  Use old wood, rocks, iron gates, or other materials to frame garden patches, or to create a small path through the yard.

c.   Make your yard look vibrant and alive with colorful flowers and plants.

3.  3. Include a private, secluded place.

a.  Pick a corner or nook-like spot in your yard.

b.  Design the area with chairs or coaches of your choice.

c.   Add lighting.

d.  Include a small water feature, such as a fountain.

4.  4. Have a front yard that is welcoming and makes you smile when you arrive home.

a.  Add seasonal planters or containers.

b.  Install lighting on porch or railing.

c.   Invest in a swing or chairs to have out front.

d.  Maybe add some décor or a welcoming sign to finish the look.

Make sure to let your creativity take over when redecorating or remodeling your landscaping. Adding your own touch to your home or using plants and décor to awaken the property is a fun and simple way to make your outdoor living spaces a dream come true!

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