Making Summer Your Kitchen

Enjoy an Outdoor Dinner
Posted: July 08, 2016 by Laura Quinn

Summer is a time for sunshine, gardening, swimming, family, friends, and some good old fashion cookouts! That means it is time to stop the using that kitchen, and pull out the grill that has been hibernating all winter long, waiting for this moment! There are a beautiful variety of patio set ups and grill countertops that can really make your summer cookouts spectacular.

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OK! So you’ve got your cutting board ready, the grill is piping hot, and you’ve got your cold beverage in hand, ready to rock this grilling session! Only question, what are you cooking!? The grill is a platform for a multitude of delicious options. Let’s keep it simple for this maiden, grilling voyage, and use items from your very own garden, (or neighbor’s garden, or local Farmer’s market)!

If you’re anything like me, you’re definitely growing zucchini. I am the self-proclaimed, Queen of Zucchini (Just look at the ones from my garden below). Go ahead and slice that zucchini up long ways, and throw them on the grill, and if you’re feeling risky, throw some pepper jack cheese on those bad boys! Pair that zucchini with your favorite cut of medium rare steak, and some corn on the cob, all on the grill of course, and enjoy the flavor of summer.

Grilling Tips
: To add some more flavor to your zucchini, marinate it in some Italian dressing. You can also do this with almost any other vegetable, or meat. For the corn on the cob, grilling it with the husk on, will really help seal in the flavor. To really take that corn to the next level, my family loves to place a metal tin on the side burner of the grill, throw a few sticks of butter, salt, and pepper, in there and melt it all together for easy dipping! Just pull that husk back, dip and sink your teeth into that perfectly golden corn. 

Now if you’re feeling colorful, grab those onions, squash, zucchini, tomatoes, bell peppers, and even jalapenos for some delectable kabobs! The great thing about summer is that most of these you have growing right there in your backyard! Chop all those summertime veggies up, toss them in a bag, and grab your favorite marinades (I’ve added my favorite recipe below) to throw in! When I make Kabob’s, I like to make butter and garlic grilled potatoes; it complements the Veggies and Meat on the Kabobs so well! Chop the potatoes in cubes, grab some aluminum foil, throw in butter, and minced garlic, wrap it all up and toss it on the grill! 


Grilling Tip: If you have a sweet tooth, I have a delicious treat for you…Cinnamon Sugar Grilled Peaches! I have provided the recipe below! 


Now that I have your attention, isn’t your mouth just watering thinking about all of these recipes and imagining the scents coming off that grill top? This is your home, your backyard, and your summer kitchen! Get outside, invite some friends, and start grilling! Set up the patio/lawn with chairs, fill the cooler with some ice cold drinks and chill! 

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