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Pet Proofing Your Home

Here are some tips and tricks to make your home safe for your furry friend!
Posted: September 09, 2019 by Alec Bell

The decision to add a pet to the family is not one to be taken lightly; and, of course, you want the best for your pet. The best ways to provide a safe place for your pet to grow alongside your family is to pet-proof your home.


For starters, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on your new furry friend, they are in a new environment and are as curious as can be. With this in mind, putting up childproof locks and latches is a good way to keep their curious paws from getting into trouble with cleaning supplies or food they’re not supposed to have. If you have any kind of towel easy to reach (i.e. hanging off of the handle on the oven door), make sure they are out of the way from your curious one. If they get ahold of it and eat it, it can cause major digestion problems and blockages.


Keeping small things out of reach of your little fur babies is another great idea. Much like children, if it's small and can fit, they’re going to put it in their mouth. Make sure small toys, anything with buttons, shoelaces, drawstrings, and any sharp objects are up and out of reach.


Great! Now that the inside is safe, now we move outside. Hang in there, we’re almost done. If possible, for your yard, the best first step is to get a fence up. Or create a pin in an area that is safe for your pet to run without a leash. If you already have a fence, it’s a good idea to check the perimeter for weak spots so your curious little friend can’t bust out and escape. Dog-Safe flowers are a must. Mowing the lawn regularly and keeping any trash or hazards cleaned is also a good idea to keep your furry buddy safe.

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