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Why Should I use a Realtor?

Here are a few reasons why using a Real Estate agent is essential to buying and selling your home...
Posted: March 09, 2018 by Malinda McNutt

Many people in the process of buying or selling a house ask themselves – why should I use a Realtor? This is more common now that technology has given buyers and sellers the ability to search listings and open houses online. Many begin to wonder - why would I pay for someone to do something I could do myself? However, many mistakenly think the role of a realtor is just to find and show houses. A quality realtor does much more, and these efforts can mean the difference between getting a contract signed or shredded. So what value does a Realtor bring to the table?

Realtor Helping Client - Why I should Choose A Realtor

Knowledge of Market and Access to Resources

Realtors and brokerages pay for access to tools that give you additional insight into the market. Beyond greater access to information, many Realtors have gone through several hours of licensing and post-licensing courses, as well as they are required to complete continuing education courses. A lot of this coursework is surrounded by ensuring that the property is being sold and bought legally, as there are strict requirements throughout the process. Additionally, at Coldwell Banker, agents receive onboarding and regular training to help keep them current on the market, the transaction process and the best tools and resources for both buyers and sellers. This along with experience with buying and selling in your area help to make the process much easier.

Objectiveness and Expertise in negotiation

Buying and selling a home isn’t like picking where you are going for dinner or what you’re going to wear tomorrow – the decision carries a lot of weight, and because of this, negotiations can get personal. An issue that many for-sale-by-owners and buyers that work with for-sale-by-owners come across is with the cost assessment of the property. It’s very common for for-sale-by-owners to overestimate additions and improvements to the house and to think that every improvement adds value to the home. Realtor Giving Information - Why I should Choose a RealtorWhile many do add some value – it often is not the same amount that was initially spent on the repair or improvement. In doing this, many for-sale-by-owner properties stay on the market for longer, and because they often take longer to sell, lose value in the long run. Pricing your house is one of the most important factors for selling your home, and Realtors have the tools and the knowledge to help you get the most accurate cost assessment.


Since Realtors intermingle with other Realtors, it helps to shorten the time in finding the right buyer for a property, or the right property for a buyer. At Coldwell Banker, agents can add properties to our “Hotlist” before a property is listed, allowing our agents the opportunities to get insight into upcoming properties throughout all our agents before they hit Zillow, Trulia, and Our Realtors can also notify agents in our office of open houses and price reductions, helping buyers know about relevant open houses in their area and helping sellers get traffic to their open house.

Despite all the value a Realtor provides, you may be surprised to know that Realtors only get paid when they buy or sell your house. How many people do you know that will work this much before being paid? Additionally, many Realtors invest not only their time but also in many cases, invest money out of their own pockets to ensure that a property is being marketed effectively. Given all the benefits and value a realtor provides – instead of asking you may now be asking yourself – why not? Learn more about our Realtors and find the right Realtor for you at

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