Why Listing Your Home in Winter is a Good Idea!

Statistics and Information on Listing during the Winter Time
Posted by Laura Quinn on December 19, 2016 in  Coldwell Banker Heritage Realtor  Dayton  Real Estate
We’ve all heard that Summer is the busiest time of year for Real Estate companies. With this season comes lush green yards, making homes more attractive on the market, and school holidays, making moves more convenient for families with kids. For folks changing jobs, the larger housing inventory also makes this season ripe for relocation.  Many people, however, don’t realize just how beneficial winter can be for sellers. According to the Redfin real estate company, homes listed in the wint... read more

Why Fall Is A Great Time To Sell

Posted by Alysia Bauer on September 02, 2020 in  Sellers
Are you just now thinking of selling your home but are afraid you may have missed your window of opportunity to list this year? Think again! Yes, spring and summer might be the busiest time of the year for the housing market, but there are actually perks to waiting to list your home until the fall. Here are five benefits to listing your home in the fall:1. Curb Appeal: Listing your home for sale in the fall allows you time to utilize the warmer months to improve on the curb appeal of your home. You can use tha... read more

Who Turned on the Lights?

The Surprising History of Christmas Lights, Untangled.
Posted by Amanda Martin on December 05, 2018 in  History  Holiday
It’s December and the signs of the season are upon us with holiday décor and snow covering pretty much everything. One of the most popular things to see around this time is Christmas lights, both inside the house and out. Almost everyone is familiar with the bright glow emanating from many a home strung up in lights. What may be less familiar to folks though is the story behind this tradition. When you stop to think about it, it is an odd thing to do, so why do we put up lights? It all started with the... read more

Who is Buying Smart Homes?

The Advantages & Simplicity of Home Automation
Posted by Marissa McCormick on January 07, 2019 in  Smart Home
Who is Buying Smart Homes and Why?   Change is constant and that holds true for the housing market as well.  Home buyers' demands change with current trends, and technology has been making huge leaps in the past 20 years.  According to a survey of almost 22,000 home shoppers by John Burns Real Estate Consulting, home buyers rank smart technology as a high priority when searching for a home, and are also willing to pay thousands of extra dollars for it. Millennials are the most tech-savvy g... read more

What Buyer's Want in Your Area

Selling a home? Here are the features buyer's want!
Posted by Malinda McNutt on June 13, 2018 in  uncategorized
Considering selling your home? We know that when buyers beginning looking for their next purchase, many bring along a list of desired features, but what exactly are buyers looking for and does your home match up? To answer that question, we looked at sales across the Dayton area to determine if certain features are more popular in different communities. Here’s what we found: Vandalia: 3 Bedroom (25% of homes sold) 2 Bathroom (35% of homes sold) Ranch (31% of homes sold) Brick siding (59% of homes sold)... read more
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